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04b Carlo Acutis webBishop Nicholas Hudson and Westminster Youth Ministry are hosting a Eucharistic Adoration event for young people from the diocese. This will take place on Wednesday 31st May from 7.30pm to 9pm at Farm St Church in Mayfair, and Bishop Nicholas will be assisted by our World Youth Day Pilgrims.

During the event, there will be a talk by Antonia Salzano, the mother of Blessed Carlo Acutis. She is on a short family visit to London and has very generously agreed to speak to our young people at this event. Her talk will be focused on Blessed Carlo’s trust and focus on the Lord in the Eucharist.

The event is open to everyone; however, we especially would like to welcome any of the young people and catechists from your parish, especially those who have just received the sacrament of confirmation or are about to receive the sacrament. Antonia is a very compelling speaker and reminds us that sanctity is achievable for all of us.

There is no need to RSVP, please just come along. There are not many times in the history of the Church where the parent of a Blessed has been alive to recount to us the journey to beatification of their child.

God Bless, Mike

Father Mike Guthrie
Chaplain to Westminster Youth Ministry 

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04a Antonia Acutis Visit Poster1 web tiff 04a Antonia Acutis Visit Poster1 web tiff

04a Antonia Acutis Visit Poster1 web tiff